JDRF and Charlie’s Angels

Charlie Amis is a special young man. Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 10 months, he and his mother Jordan and his father, Brian, have bravely endured nightly sugar checks, more than 13,000 needle sticks to his fingers, insulin pumps and a glucose monitor that is attached to his back, using a long needle which need to be changed weekly. Charlie and his family work diligently to make sure that his blood sugar doesn’t get to high or too low.

Children with Juvenile Diabetes face the risk of debilitating damage to eyes, kidneys and their nervous system. One in 20 slip into a coma from low blood sugar and may even die. Charlie and his family have dedicated themselves to making sure that this doesn’t happen to children like Charlie all over the country.

Jordan and Brian, along with the JDRF, have helped Charlie to start a network of “Charlie’s Angels,” who take part in walks dedicated to raising money for the JDRF so that a cure can be found. They started in Houston, Texas, and now Charlie’s Angels can be found all over the United States – each with teams raising money for the cure.

Loco-Motion Productions Inc., makers of the One Stretch, have pledged to donate $1.00 from every product sold to JDRF with the goal of hastening a cure so that children will never have to be as brave as Charlie, and children like him have had to be.

If you would like to be one of Charlie’s Angels and donate to JDRF or make a tribute to a special child in your own life, please follow the link to make your donation to JDRF. Charlie’s chapter is the Houston Gulf Coast Chapter. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference in the lives of so many families.

Thank you,

Dr. James Amis (Charlie’s Uncle), MD