Equinus or calves that have gotten too tight cause:

Any foot or ankle pain especially associated with start up pain or stiffness
Plantar fasciitis
Sever’s disease
Shin splints
Posterior Tibialis Tendon Rupture(PTTR)-Acquired flatfoot deformity
Second MTP synovitis/capsulitis/plantar plate rupture which leads to hammer toe
Morton’s neuroma
Insertional Achilles tendinosis/Haglund’s deformity
Achilles tendinitis
Musculotendinous Achilles ruptures
Calf cramps at night/Charley horse
Midfoot osteoarthritis
Ankle arthritis/Anterior ankle spurs (prevention)
Navicular stress fracture
Calcaneal stress fracture
Metatarsal stress fractures
Achilles tendon ruptures
Hammer toe formation secondary to MTP synovitis
Diabetic Charcot arthropathy
Diabetic malperforans ulcer formation