The Marathoner

“As a marathon runner injury prevention is just as important as a solid training plan. Especially if you plan to run multiple races in one year.

I started having plantar fasciitis pain in the fall and could not seem to shake it for my upcoming January marathon in Phoenix. Of more concern was the health of my foot for my first Boston Marathon in April 2015. With the help of the One Stretch I was able to stretch my calf muscles which helped stretch my arch and relieved the pain in my heel.

I stretch for 9 minutes a day on the One Stretch. Using the One Stretch really helped me develop a better stretching routine to reduce the risk of further injury. I travel often for work and only wish I could pack the one stretch in my suitcase! Stretching on a stair is just not the same!

Thanks One Stretch for getting me through my first Boston Marathon!”

Natalie Laverne

The World Champion Athlete

“I’m always looking for tools that can assist me and others with their fitness and health. My wife and I have used the One Stretch and found it to be extremely beneficial. I believe the additional value of the One Stretch is how easy it is to use, which means stretching your calves will actually get done. The bottom line, it works!”
Al Vermeil, 7 time world champion: San Francisco 49ers 1982 Superbowl Champion and six time NBA Champion Chicago Bulls

The Physician

“The name Plantar Fasciitis sets up the wrong thinking about its management. As a physician, I like many who suffered from this painful condition assumed the problem was in my foot. That’s understandable; the plantar fascia is in the foot. However, the plantar fascia is relaxed or on tension due to the entire system which starts in your calf muscle; the gastrocnemius.

After failing to see relief with shoe prosthetics, I started using the One Stretch to stretch the entire system. The pain, which I had endured for months, started to fade after just 2 weeks. After three months of using the One Stretch, I can wear sandals again without pain. The best part of this treatment is it is easy. It just takes a commitment of time and you can be walking pain free again.”

Gav on Amazon

The Skeptic

“As directed, yet very skeptical, I started stretching on the One Stretch and my pain was all but gone in about 2 weeks. I have been on that One Stretch every day for 3 years now and I am pain free. No more start up pain, no surgery, and I get around better than I have in years.”

A. Russell

The Older Adult

“I’ve just retired and have been looking for simple ways to integrate stretching into my daily routine. This is it ~ simple, easy, and I love it!”

Patricia Newman

The One Getting Back into Shape

“I have used the One Stretch for about 5 weeks and the flexibility in my calves, hamstrings and ankles have improved greatly. I had started a training program for a 10K and was having problems with my calves and hamstrings in particular.

There were mornings where it was a challenge just to walk downstairs to the kitchen. I began using the One Step to stretch twice a day for 1 minute each time, I am now up to 3 minutes twice a day. After noticing my progress my husband, who has been treated for lower back pain and sciatic nerve issues for years began using it and he has never felt better; even his golf game has improved due to his increased flexibility.

I would highly recommend the One Stretch as a part of your daily routine.”

Lori on Amazon

The Olympic Athlete

“In preparation for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, I stretch on it everyday.”
Lexie Priessman, USA Gymnastics National Team & 2012 Junior U.S. National Floor Exercise and All-Around Champion

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