Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21, and whether dad just started running or he’s been putting in the mileage for decades, here are 14 gift ideas so you can help him get his next PR.


Freedom Sprint Headphones

Sure, you have lots of options for headphones today, but the Freedom Sprint Headphones stay secure, and comfortable, during all your runs. The Freedom Spring headphones bring you fumble-free ear music and even call controls, just in case dad needs to do some business or take a call from you on one of his longer runs. Music will motivate, not distract, as these headphones actually work to reduce listener fatigue during long workouts.

CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle

Looking to give dad the ability to do it all, even during his runs? These headphones offer the ability to listen to music wirelessly, but also he can take care of business or make calls during his run. We had to choose a product that was well designed, and these headphones are: not only are they functional, but they’ve been designed to minimize listener fatigue for dad’s long runs. He might even brag to his running buddies about the patented ear cushions.

We like to keep things simple, so for the no-nonsense dad we’ve added a simple but still sleek, water bottle. Even for those that can be hard to shop for, you can’t go wrong with a gift that will keep him hydrated! The CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle allows you to carry it easily or attach it to a backpack.



Vegetable Grill Basket

The summer means great runs, and lots of grilling.

Sure, dad is healthy, but keep him on the right track with the Weber Professional Grade Vegetable Basket.

With holes that are just the right size, dad will be master at grilling the family’s favorite veggies.

DeLonghi Magnifica Espresso/Coffee Machine

Nothing will help Dad get out of bed in the morning quite like espresso…This machine can make not only espresso, but coffee, cappuccino, lattes, and more, all with its beans-to-brew system that grinds coffee beans right before brewing. Get him a premium espresso and coffee machine that can give him the ultimate rich creamy froth—before his morning run, or after.



The One Stretch

The One Stretch is quite possibly the only thing that can help dad prepare and be ready for his runs each morning more than his coffee or espresso habit. Optimally used for 3 minutes, 3 times a day, the One Stretch provides the ideal simplicity and effectiveness for calf stretching. (And after using the One Stretch, dad will thank you for no more heel or foot pain in the morning when he gets out of bed!)

The curved surface of the One Stretch will let dad carefully manage the intensity of his calf stretch, plus he can dial-in the intensity as desired. With both arch support and back support, the One Stretch means he will be able to have a pure, passive stretch. The only real question is: will he want blue or black?

Jack Allen’s Kitchen: Celebrating the Tastes of Texas

With all the miles he’s putting in, it’s time for dad to splurge…on some Texas-style, Cajun “old school” food, that is. (Plus, we can’t turn down the the chance to celebrate the tastes of Texas.) The Jack Allen’s Kitchen cookbook, written by Texas chef Jack Gilmore and Jessica Dupuy has more than 150 recipes—from chicken fried steak to veggie dishes, all of which dad will thank you for.



Adjustable Kettlebell

Who says that runners don’t also like to cross train? You don’t have to be a Russian weightlifter to benefit from mixing up your routine with kettlebells.

This adjustable kettlebell allows up to 100 different ranges of weight, from 20 to 50 pounds.

Cooling Bandana in Stars & Stripes

With the heat of summer, dad can stay as cool as possible with this evaporative cooling bandana. If he wants, he can even slip it under his hat. Show dad thanks by helping him stay cool without any bulk, and he can re-use it easily by simply putting it in water to re-activate.




Want to confirm to dad how adventurous you really think he is? The Chapter – Black + Black single blade knife by the The James Brand, will help dad embrace his adventurous side.

Think sleek, minimal, and just the right amount of classic feel to this single-blade gift. You’ll wish you had one for yourself.


We wondered: is there a piece of active wear that can be minimal, but also hold dad’s phone, keys, his choice of energy booster for long runs, and the other small items he brings on long runs?  Enter the FlipBelt. We like the FlipBelt because it effortlessly sits—snugly—on the hip area, yet it can still hold everything dad needs. It’s made of moisture-wicking material and can be thrown right into the laundry machine.



OlloClip 4-in-1 Lens

Now dad will be able to show you and the rest of the family what he sees on his runs and adventures! The OlloClip is the must-have accessory that can transform pictures taken on the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. The 4-in-1 photo lens is versatile, lightweight and can let dad take fisheye and wide-angle pictures before, during, or after his most picturesque runs.

If dad is one who logs serious mileage, then the Camelback Bootlegger might be his way of staying hydrated. Yes, it can be worn in a way that’s almost not visible, but we like it because it’s extra-light and breathable.

Map my Run GPS App

If dad doesn’t already have his go-to running tracker or device that tracks his every move, the good news is you have lots of options. A practical option is to give him the Map My Run GPS app. Available for iPhone and Android, dad can track almost anything: duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, your route and even calories burned. If he wants to, he can even view all his data and workout history over time.



Keats Duffle Bag in Black

Herschel, the brand that’s reinvented the backpack, offers a duffle bag that help dad continue to be in style, whether he’s packing up for the gym or using it for travel. (It’s a bag you might even want to borrow if he’s not using it.) The Keats bag comes with an optional shoulder strap for easy transporting, as well as a signature shoe compartment where he can safely store his go-to pair of running shoes.

Call Dad Card

If all else fails, or if it dad already has all the running gear or tech he needs, why not give a unique card?

Best part is, it’s guaranteed to make dad smile, and it certainly rings true for many of us.