Like many people have recognized, you know the problem—and pain—you have in your feet is a result of your tight calves.

Just like with other people who see the clear connection between tight calves and foot and ankle issues, you know it’s necessary to stretch your calves to solve the underlying problem.

You’ve come to the conclusion it’s time for daily calf stretching…but how does the One Stretch provide the most effective and safest way to stretch our calves?

We’ve compiled 11 of the top reasons why the One Stretch is the optimal way to stretch your calves to prevent and eliminate the majority of foot and ankle issues that are non-traumatic. Read on to see the many advantages of the calculated progressive curve, including why it will make your feet feel better.

  1. Variable intensity. The One Stretch has infinite stretching positions. The patented radius stretching surface was created so that you can dial it in to get the stretch that feels right for you. The variable intensity of the One Stretch was designed to allow you to progress at your own pace. In other words, no matter how tight your calves are, you can benefit— and over time, the One Stretch is still useful to you.
  2. Isolates the stretch. The One Stretch ensures your stretch is isolated so you can get the best passive stretch particularly in the upper calf, which is right where you need it. You can’t get that same isolated, focused stretch every time without the One Stretch.
  3. Arch Support. Not to be overlooked is how the One Stretch supports your arch while you stretch, which is essential.  This support makes the One Stretch safer and your feet feel better while you stretch, simply said! No other product or method provides support for your arches while you stretch your calves like the One Stretch does.
  4. The focus on the gastrocnemius. Let’s not forget the purpose of the One Stretch: to get to the root of your issue, your tight calves. Unlike other “treatments,” the One Stretch is designed to get to the underlying cause of the problem, but also to provide pain relief. Our tight calves have gotten that way over a period of years. No matter if we are fit and think of ourselves as a weekend warrior, or we’re a couch potato, this “uniquely human” problem can affect us, and we need help to “undo” this. The One Stretch’s unique back against the wall method results in locking of the knees which creates a pure stretch of the muscle that needs it: the gastrocnemius.
  5. Pure passive stretch. If you are going to commit to stretch your calves you might as well do it right. Any physical therapist will tell you than the more passive the stretch, the better and more effective the stretch. They will also correctly tell you that the best passive stretch of any muscle is when done with a partner to actually do the stretching for you. Just think of the one stretch as the perfect partner: it does not complain, or get tired, or argue back…And it has no problems with you multi-tasking.
  6. Back against wall. The One Stretch method was not only designed to be safe, but it was also designed to be the most relaxed stretch. There’s no need to balance your body over it like you need to with a slant board, rocking-type stretchers out there, stairs, facing a wall or every other way of stretching. The One Stretch’s unique design reduces stress on knees and back, frees your hands, and lets you face the room so you don’t have to look at the stairs or wall. Now you can have great posture while you read the paper, watch TV, drink your coffee or surf your smart phone. Multi-tasking is here to stay. However, it is said that in reality multi-tasking can’t really be accomplished. We disagree! If you must multi-task, you will love the One Stretch!
  7. Creates compliance. The idea that you “see it and use it” is certainly true with the One Stretch. The One Stretch makes it easy—and dare we say fun—to get in your calf stretching each day. Because it is so easy to step on and stretch, you’re 75 percent more likely to do your calf stretches when you have the One Stretch. Since the stretching is comfortable, easy and even allows for multi-tasking, it doesn’t make it a dreaded task—it makes it enjoyable each day.
  8. Safety in use. Ever wondered if your other “band aid” treatments for plantar fasciitis were actually safe? The One Stretch is a safe method—which is why it’s popular with so many people, regardless of age, activity level and/or how flexible people are. You don’t have to have good balance to use the One Stretch because it was designed so that no balancing was required in its use. You can precisely control the intensity of your calf stretch, and the device itself is very safe, backed by its EVA foam top pad as well as the non-slip wide based rubber feet on the floor.
  9. Doctor approved and recommended. The One Stretch was designed by a foot & ankle orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. James Amis, who has been advocating and refining “definitive” calf stretching for nearly 30 years. Just think: here’s an orthopaedic surgeon telling you how you can prevent (and eliminate) the need for surgery due to issues caused by tight calves.
  10. Flexibility to meet your body’s unique (and changing) needs. With the One Stretch, you can actually stretch both calves at same time, or one at a time if you have a lot of time to spare. For people who have greater tightness on one side of the body, this just enables them to have greater control over their stretching protocol. You truly can age smarter with the One Stretch!
  11. Independent intensity. Just like how you can stretch one calf at a time, as desired, not every pair of calves are tight to the same degree. Think of it this way: the damaging effects of the isolated gastrocnemius contracture can be increased or reduced by lifestyle factors or even physical activity that has tightened one calf more than the other. The One Stretch was created so you can stretch one calf more intensely than the other as needed.

Calf Stretching On the One Stretch is Powerful Medicine

Ready to learn more about the One Stretch? While you might not have pain in January, if you are ramping up your activity or have a resolution to get in more physical activity, you may feel the pain later. Eliminate and prevent heel pain with the One Stretch. See how the One Stretch is improving people’s quality of life here.