The One Stretch Affiliate Program

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

First of all, you are here because you know how awesome calf stretching is on the One Stretch. Affiliate marketing is where you can harness the power of your network in order to earn a commission by helping to promote the One Stretch. Whether you are a surgeon, chiropractor, or just someone with influence, you can benefit from affiliate marketing AND your patients or followers will also benefit. Put simply, you can share the One Stretch with your followers or patients and receive a commission from every sale that comes from you. In order to track the system across our affiliates, we give you a unique affiliate link that tracks customers coming from you, the affiliate.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work With the One Stretch?

You can think of affiliate marketing as follows, including three main parties:

  1. The One Stretch team (the product team)
  2. You, the affiliate, who helps to educate individuals and promote the product
  3. The consumers – either your audience on social media platforms or this could be your patients you see in the office

The Benefits of Being a One Stretch Affiliate Marketer

We know many people are already promoting and educating others on the power of the One Stretch! By becoming an affiliate with us, you’ll be rewarded for all your referrals who purchase the One Stretch. It’s our way to continue to thank our One Stretch supporters. The benefit is that you receive commission, but we continue to support customers and deal with all other aspects of the product delivery, so you don’t have any inventory on hand. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Ready to sign up to become an affiliate partner?