'The good news is that you'll be able to continue working and pay my bill.'

The cost of the One Stretch might seem expensive until you consider the cost of the “standard of care” for problems, such as plantar fasciitis you will receive going to the doctor. The One Stretch is proudly made in America and it is a considerable value at $80.

Let’s examine a typical encounter at the doctors office. “I went to my doctor, he x-rayed my foot, gave me an injection and suggested that I get orthotics, then come back and see him/her in 6 weeks.” That sounds familiar doesn’t it? This is standard operating procedure all the way. The issue with this treatment is the patient has just shelled out a good amount of money for advice that addresses the pain you may be experiencing, but not the actual problem, the isolated gastrocnemius contracture… your tight calves.



This is a phrase we have all heard. When it comes to heel pain/plantar fasciitis one will spend less money and more time solving your problem with the One Stretch.Making the pain feel better is perfectly okay, but why not just address the actual underlying problem? We will come back to this, but let’s first look at the typical costs you might encounter.

  • First doctor visit- $175, or $30-$50 co-pay depending on your insurance plan
  • X-ray- $75
  • Injection- $150, and many doctors are using an ultra-sound guided injection- $250+ each
  • Orthotics- OTC- $50, custom through companies like the Good Feet Store- $500-$700

As you can see, from just your first visit to the doctor, your costs are already approaching $1000. Even if you have a good insurance plan, your insurance may cover 70-80% of these costs, there is still an impact beyond your out of pocket expenses. The cost of your insurance plan increases as the insurance costs go up. We all pay eventually.


We all pay eventually

Heaven forbid you see a hospital employed physician. These systems are charging ridiculous, unethical, but legal “facility fees” so the rate just jumped $500.00 plus. These are not included in this comparison

After your second visit your doctor may suggest night splint, physical therapy, or even surgery. As you can see below, the overall cost of care keeps creeping up.

  • Second doctor visit- $105
  • Surgery- minimum of $5,000.00 for the doctor, anesthesiologist, facility fees, prescriptions and that is in a surgery center. If you have that exact same surgery in the hospital the costs would approach $10,000.00 plus.
  • PT- $30 co-pay, $100-150 for insurance costs. Total can be $3,000.00 plus
  • Night Splint- $50-100


So lets jump back to addressing the real underlying problem, your tight calves. The majority of these costs, which many people have already spent a fortune on, can be avoided just by stretching your calves everyday.   By lengthening your calves back to their original length, you will answer your foot and ankle pain-the right way.

The One Stretch was designed to help you with this process. The One Stretch provides an infinite number of stretching angles, while providing support for your arch, and creating daily compliance.  Spending 3 minutes, 3 times per day, EVERYDAY on the One Stretch, you will stretch to success. Your compliance is the key.

Stretch and live your life!