There were hours spent on the design of the One Stretch, and no doubt color choice was a significant part of that development process.  After a lot of consideration, blue was the perfect color, in fact Pantone Coated 299 was our final choice.  Once the device was complete and in production, it was evident that this was a good choice.  People have suggested making runs of different colors, but it was never seriously considered.

This past October, I was in Beaverton, Oregon consulting Nike on a completely different matter and they brought up the One Stretch. Who am it to discourage that conversation?  The folks at Nike, knowing the value of daily calf stretching, expressed an interest to have at least a couple at the Nike Beaverton campus fitness facility for their employees as well as their visiting athletes.

Then they did something really crazy. They wanted the One Stretch in black over our vetted, over thought Pantone 299 blue.  At first I thought “are they nuts?”.  After all I have been doing this for a while now and blue is it, right?  After a couple of days to let it sink in and thinking about other fitness facilities gyms, where the equipment is also grey and black, I decided maybe Nike had something.  After all Phil Knight, et al. do know a thing or two about design and maybe even colors.


So we decided to make a short run of black One Stretch devices and wow, the black really worked.  Needless to say we were we pleasantly surprised how they came out.  And it seemed to be the consensus opinion amongst  everyone who got a peek. The black One Stretch turned out to be exceptional to say the least.  So, now they now are ready for everyone!  I just hope Nike doesn’t want credit.

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